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Pippa with her pyjamas on all ready to snuggle in bed with her parents!

Help Pippa win a free photo shoot and be a feature pet in our 2015 Calendar! Make sure you like this photo as well as the Floppy Ears Photography page for your vote to count!
My dad turned 60 and retired this week so we had a big party to celebrate!! Someone was staring intently down the street and waiting to personally greet the guests more than four hours before the party started… #maverickmonday
Nothing better than a handsome labrador to make you smile over a cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon. Henry is up on the blog now!
I had to postpone my photoshoot today due to a double whammy of laryngitis and tonsilitis…my fun reward for walking Mav in the rain this week! So Miss Belly came over for a play and modelled a pretty flower for me instead.
The rain played havoc with our photography plans this weekend so Mavvy got his academia on instead. #maverickmonday
Some Sunday sweetness to round off the weekend…and one final sneak peek of Louis for his owner as I put the finishing touches on his gallery!
Instead of ‘Where’s Wally’, today we’ll be playing ‘Where’s Belly’…she is quite the master of disguise…
Who else sticks their tongue out when concentrating hard?? Louis does! So much to think about all at once - running, looking at the camera, maintaining a casual windswept look…
Cheeky boy!!! Taylor (#3750)
Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers today. #maverickmonday
My favourite thing is yoghurt! And warm hugs. And also yoghurt. My impound number is #3751 at Blacktown and I would love for you to rescue me through Pound Cat Adoptions.
Every once in a while you just need a big cuddle from your mum \u003C3 I love the amount of love between Louis and Imogen!