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A late post tonight but I’m kind of in love with these two dogs and couldn’t wait to share this one!! Zali and Gus’ extended family have just welcomed their first grandchild - the little bub got his photos taken and so of course these two did as well! I reckon they’ll make pretty top notch siblings for the new arrival :)
Snow dog!!! #maverickmonday
We took Mavvy to see the most iconic dog in Australian history and all he did was sulk because he wasn’t allowed to swim in the fountain.
Just because we could all use a little more Henry in our Wednesday.
I’m so stoked with how this shot turned out - I love how Australian it feels!! This young larrikin is Gus - he’s five years old, super intelligent and totally mad about fetching his ball. You could be forgiven for thinking he was smiling directly into my camera in this photo…but I’m pretty sure his big grin was actually for his dad waving the ball around above my head!!
#3331 Christiane
#3225 Kiev
We’re road tripping down south later this week and Mav can’t wait! He insisted on wearing a scarf today to practise for the snow and there was simply no reasoning with him. #maverickmonday
Yoghurt? What makes you think this little kitten has been enjoying any of that?? This baby girl is impound #3395 at Blacktown Animal Holding Facility. Contact Pound Cat Adoptions to find out how you can take her home and give her all the cuddles and yoghurt she deserves \u003C3
Henry = every pet photographer’s dream model! just. so. much. handsome.
Attention all patrons: please queue in an orderly fashion for pawtographs! This is Henry - and he is no ordinary well-mannered handsome labrador. He was part of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang professional cast and appeared onstage at the Capitol Theatre regularly during the show’s run in 2012. We have a celebrity in our midst! #swoon #fame #lineuplabradorladies
The frustrations of posing with so many pink flowers when you are a tough guy puppy with a masculine image to uphold. #maverickmonday
"This is my favourite stick. There are many others like it but this one is mine so I am giving it to you to throw 3241928479187491862 times! You can start now." - Harry the lab
Derp. #maverickmonday